Other materials

Steel, glass, leather-like and stone-like materials

Nowadays it is possible to find many different types of materials to make kitchen doors, as for example, steel and all its types of finishes—matt, gloss, striped, etc.

Glass usage is currently on the increase, as it can be lacquered with any colour of the RAL colour chart, sticked with painted vinyl or even silkscreen printed, making your kitchen a special and one-off piece. Unleash your imagination and we will make it come true.

Make the kitchen a one-off piece

Lacquer and grooved doors...

Make your kitchen a one-off piece giving it a personalized touch. You can include a distinct detail in any space of your kitchen to obtain a one-off piece—cupboards doors, upper cabinets, oven and microwave column. Personalise any part of your kitchen as much as you like, so that your kitchen won`t look like any other one and will have your special touch. Stone-like doors, coating lacquer and grooved doors will give your kitchen the most special touch.